51 Best Fintech Blogs And Forums Worth Following

Change is the only constant!

A lot of changes happen around us every second. In the same way, professionally we see a lot of changes and updates around the industry what we belong to.

All of us would like to keep ourselves updated with the news and trends around our industry. Most of you frequently ask this question, “which are the best blogs and forums to follow” or “Where can I get the latest news of my industry”.

As a part of our contribution and support to the Fintech ecosystem, here we bring you the list of 51 Fintech Blogs and Forums which will keep you updated with the Fintech revolution.

This blogs and forums will provide you with the latest news, trends, analysis and also the information about the events to attend in the Fintech industry. We have accumulated the best blogs and forums on different fields of the Fintech such as payments, banking, blockchain and bitcoin, finance technology, etc.

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Accenture Banking Blog

Accenture Banking Blog is owned by Accenture. This site is aimed to provide resources relevant to the interpretation of data and article analysis. You can find multiple good quality articles from writers with extensive experience in the banking domain in this site. You can also interact with their bloggers through the website or the mobile app.

American Banker

American Banker is a large advocacy as well as lobbying group for the banking industry. It provides in-depth analysis and strong perspectives on some of the key issues that affect banks today. The mission of American Banker is to give everyone the power to create and share ideas quickly and without any barriers.

ATM Marketplace

Through ATM Marketplace one can view news, insights, press releases, videos, photos and articles on the ATMs industry. Some of the topics covered are from ATM Innovation, ATM Management, ATM & Mobile banking, EMV, Networking & Connectivity, Transaction Processing, and Refurbished Used ATMs. Here, you can also find details on the latest events and webinars.

Bank Innovation

Bank Innovation is a blog which will guide you on how you can use your funds lucratively as well as efficiently. This is also an open platform where you can discuss Fintech related ideas and news. Important concepts like crowdsourcing and monetary solution related information and financial shifts will be discussed through the forum.

Banking Exchange Blog

The Banking Exchange blog is where you can read about the current issues relevant to technology, payments, compliance, management, retail, banking, risk, etc. You can also read about the personal views of Dan Fisher and what he feels about the banking field. The site has various news articles and updates provided in different sections related to the banking industry and community banking.

Bits on Blocks

Bits on Blocks is a blogging site focusing on Blockchain Technology. It was launched by Antony Lewis in SIngapore with the focus on Asia. Bits on blocks strives for clear, practical articles that are accessible to business people and also believes that cryptocurrencies and distributed ledger technology can make the world better.


Bobsguide is known as one of the leading sources on the web for technology in the finance domain. You can read interesting articles about the latest technology as well as insights on finance related technology. Also, various blogs and articles written by editors from all over, information pertaining to events and awards are also featured through the website.

Breaking Banks

Breaking Banking is the first global Fintech Podcast hosted by Brett King. The podcast has more than 2 million listeners in 140 countries. This is the show which documents the changes and innovation in banking and also explores the best of the best in FinTech around the world. It also contains most popular articles of Brett king which is powered by Banking4Tommorrow.


CoinDesk is the global leader in news and information on digital currencies such as bitcoin, and its underlying technology – the blockchain. They cover news and analysis on the trends, price movements, technologies, companies and people in the bitcoin and digital currency world.

Credit Union Times

Credit Union Times offers latest news regarding credit union and credit union management. You can also find expert and analytical information regarding technology and statistics. It is a great resource if you are planning to find accurate information and news in a short time. The site is considered as the record center for all information related to the credit union arena.

Daily Fintech

Daily Fintech is a platform which features research based information like corporate presentations, information on upcoming trends in the Fintech, interviews, etc. This platform was started by the entrepreneurs from the Fintech industry. The objective of this site is to keep you updated with the financial industry on Blockchain, XBRL, Artificial Intelligence, Chatbots as well as open API.

Disruptive Finance

Disruptive Finance is a personal blog that talks about how technology is transforming the finance industry. It is written by Huy Nguyen Trieu and the posts are from the top global Fintech startups. This forum is written and maintained by some of the best bloggers as well as researchers who suggest innovative marketing strategies (based on changing trends in the Fintech industry) to startups and young entrepreneurs.

Faisal Khan

Faisal Khan offers all important information regarding banking, Fintech, payments, e-commerce and mobile payments. Faisal Khan is known to be an expert in money transfers for cross border as well as payment related systems. He works with entrepreneurs, large and mid-sized companies, startups in the Fintech. Mr. Khan also works with financial institutions and banks as a payments consultant.

Finance Buff

Finance Buff is a blog created by Harry Sit. Sit’s aim is to educate people about their credit card related payments, saving money and basics of finance. His blogs are simple posts that help the common man to know how they should invest their hard earned money. He specializes in the basic of Fintech and provides ways to have a better financial standing.

Finance Magnates

The Finance Magnates is a website that was founded by Michael Greenberg in the year 2009. It initially focused on Forex B2B areas, but in due course of time, it has moved into research and news. You can also view different opinions from experts in the area of financial innovation and strategy on this site. Subscribe now for regular newsletters or business enhancing offers from this site.

Financial News

Financial News is a London based online news platform founded by Dow Jones. The site provides information related to investment banking, securities, fund management, capital market, information technology and also recruitment. You can read the top stories from the financial industry on this site as well as on the latest trends of various domains in this industry.


The Finanser by Chris Skinner is a platform having a lot of insightful information for those interested in the Fintech. Chris Skinner is a well-known commentator of the financial market and a leading authority in the Digital banking and Fintech who also speaks and consults at the events in the Fintech industry. You can also read more about his keynote presentations on this site.


Finextra is a new and independent Newswire and is one of the fastest information sources for new and upcoming trends, events, announcements regarding companies, technology reference to retail and wholesale banking, capital market and insurance. Also, the forum holds a career section that is gaining quick popularity. It provides a global calendar of popular activities like the webinars on hot topics of the Fintech industry.


Finiculture is a blog created and written by Pascal Bouvier. He is French and an ex banker who now invests in high technology finance companies that provide digital banking and insurance services along with other products. He analyses high end technologies and provides relevant insights to entrepreneurs as well as investors.

Finovate Blog

Finovate blogs are mainly focused on providing information regarding information regarding the new development in fintech industry, new innovative product demos, news about the fintech companies and the details about the finovate events. You can also find details on company executive details and their interviews. Fintech blogs is up to date with the information on technology and related matters of the Fintech.


Fintastico is a daily online news project, which brings in latest Fintech news from almost over fifty different sources. The chairman of Fintastico is Fabio Brambilla and the CEO is Fabio Marras. And their head of growth is Fabrizio Villani. In case you wish to reach out to new customers regarding your particular service, you can use their option Add Service and submit your service

Fintech Business

The Fintech Business was started in the year 2015 and mainly focused on the Fintech community of Australia, how it has evolved and what will it look like on a global scale in the near future. The site was created by Momentum Media which is one of the top business publishing organizations of Australia.

Fintech Finance

Fintech Finance is a great online platform where you can find the latest information, news, insights, graphics and a lot more information regarding the Fintech organizations. Updated on a daily basis, their content also provides monthly videos on various topics from the Fintech field. You will also see regular updates on news and events within this industry along with their coverage.

Fintech Hackers

Fintech Hackers is a great website to get free email courses on how to build a growth strategy for your Fintech business. There are many case studies available here from popular companies in the Fintech industry. Different articles written on this site are relevant and useful for those looking for various ways to grow and especially great for startups.

Fintech News

Fintech news provides the news about the latest and hottest trends, discussions and events in Fintech industry. They cover stories on FinTech topics like Mobile Payments, Money Transfer, Blockchain/Bitcoin, Online Wealth Management, InsurTech, Crowdfunding, Lending and Personal Finance. Fintech news has three channels namely Fintechnews Switzerland, Fintechnews Hong Kong and Fintechnews Singapore.

Fintech News on Techcrunch

Techcrunch focuses on news related to tech, startups and social media. There are also insightful articles on the Fintech industry from Europe, Asia, etc. News pertaining to the area of mobile, gadgets and enterprise is also available through the website. If you are looking for information on relevant events, Crunchbase is the place to visit.

FinTech Profile

FinTech Profile was set up mainly to track startups and other financial service organizations which are important in the transformation of the financial service sector. The Founder and Editor of Fintech Profile is Ewan MacLeod. He is mainly responsible for editorial policies and direction. Here you can not only get news and articles on the FinTech but also presentations of the relevant companies.

FinTech Summary

The FinTech Summary is a weekly newsletter providing all the information you need on the Fintech industry. They are constantly looking for the four best pieces of leadership thoughts for the week which can help you stay on top in the industry. FinTech Summary is run by Alex Nech who comes from a background of finance startups and finance organizations.

Fintech Weekly

Fintech Weekly is a weekly newsletter that focuses on various topics including innovations, developments and solutions from the Fintech industry. The site was created along with Bank Verlag and it is a really good source of news for the Fintech industry. Fintech Weekly is also available on your mobile device so you can access Fintech news anytime, anywhere.


FINTECHNA is one of the most important fintech newsletters which provides the weekly digest of Fintech trends. The newsletter covers information and latest trends in fintech, technology, VC, technology and changes in financial sector around the world. FINTECHNA also has Discussion group at LinkedIn which is limited to fintech professionals.


Fintechly is a new journal covering the latest in financial technology. Founded in 2022 by Derin Cag, it is on a mission to make fintech journalism more trendy, virtuous, accessible and engaging for readers around the world.

Habile Fintech Blog

Habile Technologies is the Technology Service provider to Fintech companies. They provide continuous support and help the fintech ecosystem in Singapore, India and UK. They frequently publish articles related to fintech, factoring, lending, trade finance and also write about the technology which transforms and drive the finance sector.

IBM Insights on Business

IBM Insights on Business focuses on banking & financial market and provide information on new technology in this arena. You can also read more about how different authors feel about this field besides the predictions on payments for 2016. The other topics covered on this site are Blockchain, Cognitive Banking, Cloud, Customer Analytics, DevOps, Payments, PSD2 and Security & Risk Management.

Jessica Ellerm

Jessica Ellerm is the business development manager of Tyro Payments Company, one of Australia’s fastest growing startups. Ellerm focuses mainly on the payments and banking areas with reference to Fintech startups. She has wide experience and is able to provide convincing and useful reports on blockchain, inequality of income, disruption in technological analysis and solutions for a positive and fruitful future.

Let’s Talk Payments

Let’s Talk Payments is focused on delivering news and information for the Fintech arena. If you are seeking original analysis and insights from the Fintech world, then you should check out this site. The site was launched in the year 2013 and has been since then providing updated news content on a daily basis for the Fintech community.

Mobile Payments Today

The Mobile Payments Today focuses on mobile payments and topics about card related brands, bill payments, payments made contactless, EMV, mobile banking, mobile marketing, loyalty programs, security concerns, carriers & operators, statistics, etc. Videos and resources are featured on the site along with detailed information on webinars and events scheduled in the near future for your assistance.

Next Money

Next Money is the world’s largest and fastest growing Fintech forum where global innovators, events, communities and programs are featured. Through Next Money, you can view conference details, suggest any speakers or topics for the next conference and also view the latest updates on the Fintech. This website is definitely worth going through as it allows you to follow top Fintech officials


PaymentEye is a tool that provides information on the latest events and news from the payments sector. You can also get to learn all about the payments market along with insights and analysis by professionals from this sector. There is a section on this website where you can read about the white paper as well. There is also another section where you can promote your business.

Payments Blogger

Payments Blogger is all about payment related information without any prejudice or bias. This blog is a creation of John Doyle and the information included is basic and definitive. The forum collects data relevant to payments through three different segments – Regulations, Knowledge Base and Innovation. You can also find payment related global news and high end analysis in the website.

Payments Cards & Mobile

Payment Cards & Mobile is a digital platform that publishes all different aspects of the payment industry and any news relevant to it. There is also in-depth research information available along with opinion from the experts on this site. Latest & upcoming events from the financial domain along with conference details can be seen on this blog.

Payments Source

Payments Source is a payment related platform where you can access all kinds of news, analysis and trends from the experts in this arena. You can also view news under topics such as the Regulation and Compliance, Debit & Prepaid, Risk & Analytics, Technology and Global as well as Retail and Acquiring sections.

Payments Views

Payment Views focuses on payment related articles, news, wires and analysis. The articles published on this site are quite insightful and you can see the best of the stories right on their home page. You could also write and send any of your stories as well as press releases that you wish to share with the professionals from the payment industry.


Pymnts.com focuses on the payments industry and offers information on expert opinions, researches, news, data points and webinars. It also covers how the online and mobile payment will impact the e-commerce industry in the future. Their analytics team has developed many creative frameworks that to measure as well as a benchmark the innovation which is restructuring the commerce and payments ecosystem


Richard Gendal Brown is a personal blogger who express his thoughts on Future of the Finance. He is a speaker, writer and advisor on the implications and opportunities of Blockchain and Cryptocurrency technologies on the existing financial system. He has published books on Blockchain, Bitcoin’s and Distributed Ledger Technology.

Talking Payments

Talking Payments is a pioneering online forum of payment community aiming at collecting news from banks, merchants, experts from the industry, vendors and acquirers in the European payment industry. Here you will also see the latest news, updated events, insights, case studies, polls, opinions, blogs and articles related to payments industry with a global edge.


Tekfin is an insurance and investment website that provides financial advice to its readers. It is targeted for those who like to know more about the latest trends in the finance industry as well as about innovative marketing strategies. This platform has set not only convincing but also novel patterns in the finance field.

The Banker

The Banker was started way back in 1926 and has been a trusted platform for information on banking sector since then. It is headed by an editorial group of people and during this long period of 91 years and they have built a fantastic reputation for themselves. Today it is a well-known platform that provides important data as well as analysis for the finance industry.

The Financial Brand

The Financial Brand was started by Jerry Pilcher in 2007. It is a digital platform which provides publications with real life examples of issues concerning marketing as well as strategy affecting retail banks and credit unions. Their focus is also to target bankers and provide insights into critical areas that are faced by credit unions as well as banks.

The Fintech Blog

The Fintech blog is a website that focuses on wealth management, mobile lending, and innovation differentiation among startups and incumbents. The site covers various FinTech events, interviews as well as analysis by the top Fintech entrepreneurs and executives. You can also read on Q&A’s with some of the well-known CEOs of different companies.

Tom Groenfeldt

Tom Groenfeldt has extensive experience in the finance, technology and banking fields. He has been acknowledged as one of the top 25 global influencers in the Fintech industry in the year 2015. He mainly writes on finance and technology and has written for international finance magazines. The site also advertises jobs and training programs relevant to the Fintech industry.

Tomorrow’s Transactions

Tomorrow’s Transactions is the best place for news about the finance and banking sector along with updated information on technology and security related issues. They help their clients bridge any gap that exists between the business and technology. They provide practical and neutral advice at different stages from concept to completion.

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