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Guest Post Guidelines:

Please take some time to review this entire page — it should answer the questions you have about what kind of content we’re looking for and how our blog submission process works.

We accept guest post only on the topics mentioned below:

  • Fintech
  • Lending
  • Non Banking Financial Institutions
  • Microfinance
  • Financial Inclusion

No Plagiarism:

All content provided by Authors to Habile cannot be copied from any other source. We at Habile take plagiarism extremely seriously and all submissions will be verified for originality using tools such as or, etc.


Make sure you proofread your post for spelling, grammar, and punctuation before it is sent. We reserve the right to edit your post for wording and simplicity, but it’s unlikely that we’ll make significant changes if the post is grammatically good.


Try to include links to other resources that further explain concepts or products you mention briefly are fine. Make sure there are at least 3-4 outbound links in a blog. Add links to minimum of two posts that are already published on our blog.


The article should be ideally within 1500-2000 words which are relevant, persuasive and well-optimized for search engines (SEO friendly).

Voice and Tone:

Contents published in Habile are colloquial yet professional. Here are a few notes on the voice and tone to use in your writing:
● Friendly and accessible, but not overly casual
● Helpful and informative, but not salesy or pushy
● Fun, but not slapstick or childish(watch the jargon!)


The post title should be catchy and include keywords with initial caps. Keep it to no more than 70 characters in length. Optimize it for the web using tools like Headline Analyser. Please make sure the headline score is above 65.


The subheads should use H2, H3, etc. tags and include vital keywords to be effective.


The content should include bulleted lists, tables, images and graphs etc to enhance readability by making it interactive.


The content should be a well-researched article with practical examples, references, real-world case studies and Statistics.


The format of any pictures, graphics or images needs to be .jpg or .png. They should be no larger than 600 pixels wide and maximum 75 KB in size without compromising the quality. If the image belongs to another site or blog, image source has to be mentioned at the bottom of the post.
If they are designed by you, please make sure to send the original image as an attachment in the email with specific instructions as to where they ought to be located.

Types of Content:

We’ve conducted extensive studies to uncover which types of blog posts work — and which don’t. Here are some of our most successful blog post types:
● Long Form Content – 3000 – 4000 words
● Short Form Content – 800 – 1500 words
● Infographics


If your post meets the above guidelines:
Please email your proposed guest post to as an attachment rather than copying the post into the body of the email.


Please include a reference section in the last page of your document with links to articles which you referred.

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