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NBFC Overview

Non-Banking Financial Companies (NBFCs) play a vital role in the socio-economic growth of the nation by promoting Financial Inclusion and NBFC Software is to manage all loan related actions for Non-banking financial companies. Best NBFC Software in the industry, trusted by leading Non-Banking Financial Companies in the world Designed exclusively for NBFIs Complete lending solution. They have become an integral part of the Financial Landscape in developing countries with their business model focused on offering credit to the unbanked sections of the society.

NBFCs have extended the virtue of credit to the micro, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs) and enabled these cradles of entrepreneurship and innovation to get through the cash crunch.

Over the last decade, the NBFC sector has been growing leaps and bounds. They have scripted a great success story through their contributions to the economic growth of the nation. But the journey to success had not been smooth.

Despite the exponential growth, there have been quite a few temporary hiccups in their progression. Though the hiccups seemed inconsequential in the beginning, as time went by, the little operational inefficiencies started to turn into ginormous problems that are causing setbacks in their roadway to success.

NBFCs’ need a thorough understanding of their customer’s profile and credit for customising their products to fit the prerequisites of prospective clients and stay ahead of the cutting edge competition. These will be done by the advanced technology of NBFC software.

However, the burgeoning data crunch in the developing economy like India makes this process a complete nightmare for the NBFCs. The existing traditional models would never be good enough to address the rising demands.

CloudBankIN - A complete NBFC Software

Our signature product CloudBankIN is a robust and intuitive loan management software solution for non-banking financial institutions (NBFC software) which will speed up the overall loan management lifecycle by delivering an accelerated and transparent loan processing experience.  

CloudBankIN acts as a comprehensive, integrated and modular banking software solution that empowers an NBFC to identify & optimize their operational risks, reduce manual intervention to strengthen their workflow & reduce discrepancies thus improving the overall operational efficiency.

The cloud based nature of CloudBankIN makes our tailor made NBFC software highly scalable, cost-effective, more flexible and easily deployable. The “User-friendly” nature of CloudBankIN drives the principles of best loan management solution like maintainability, reusability, minimum manual intervention, and incremental delivery of loan products.


Automated End-to-End Lending Operation
Paperless Processing
Multi-Channel Compatibility
100+ ready to use Reports
Multi-Language Support
Mobile-Ready Interface


  • Dynamic workflow management - Finabile
  • lending software - Finabile
    User Friendly Interface
  • Effotless deployment - Finabile
    Effortless Deployment
  • cost effective - Finabile
    Cost-Effective & Highly
  • Scalable integration - Finabile
    Scalable & Seamless Integration
  • Robust reporting module - Finabile
    Robust Reporting Module

Loan Lifecycle Management

CloudBankIN is a fully automated loan origination system which covers the complete origination cycle from data input to validation, credit analysis, scoring & rating to decision making. This flexible product could be customized to meet your requirements. Whether you are onboarding an individual client or a group, with CloudBankIN you could complete the entire process in a matter of minutes.

  • Paperless Onboarding
  • Personalised Account Features
  • e-KYC API Integration
  • Multi-Lingual and Multi-Currency
  • Multi Branch Management

CloudBankIN helps you streamline your loan management system to process loans and keep track of them quickly and accurately.  Configure any loan product from personal loan to SHG Loan in a matter of minutes. Customize every aspect of a loan product from interest rate, loan period, maximum principal, other fees or charges, disbursement date, payment date, and amortisation schedule etc.

  • Accurate EMI Schedule
  • Configurable Loan Products
  • Customizable Interest Rates
  • End-to-end Loan Disbursal Management
  • Robust Document Management

Automating the collection monitoring through CloudBankIN helps NBFC’s to keep close track of any delinquencies in repayment.  It standardizes the collection workflow by prompt supervision of assigned employees and prioritizing the list of bad debt accounts to focus more recovery. Our transparent software let you track everything in a loan collection process like the date of disbursements, repayments, outstanding arrears, changes in interest rate or tax, adjustments, and write-offs in a single window.

  • Automated Collection Workflow
  • Powerful Delinquency Management
  • Real-time Payment Updates with ECS (Electronic Collection System)
  • Printable Individual & Group Collection Sheets
  • Track Staff Performance

Our most flexible financial solution is a best-in-class, back-end accounting management software integrated with it. It has extensive financial management functionalities including journal entries (automated or manual), cash or accrual based double entry accounting, integrated chart of accounts, automated tax configurations, mapping fund sources, keep track of liabilities and assets using our intuitive reports. Every successful repayment will reflect automatically in the balance sheet & Income Statement.

  • Complete Loan Portfolio Accounting
  • Personalised Accounting Rules
  • Accrual Based Accounting
  • Opening Balance Migration
  • Pre-Definable Frequent Postings

Our robust reporting module has an extensive range of ready to use reports which are capable of assembling, organizing and visualizing any data into real-time reports for easy interpretation. Improve the decision-making process and keep track of key measurements easily using our 100+ existing standard reports or create custom report within a fraction of seconds. Our interactive dashboard will offer you in-depth insights to make quicker and better-informed decisions.

  • 100+ Standard Reports (General Ledger (GL) Report, Balance Sheet, P&L Statement, Total Loan Value, Outstanding Capital, Active Clients, Non-Performing Assets, etc)
  • 6 General Categories (Clients, Loans, Savings, Funds, Accounting and XBRL)
  • 4 Formats (XML, PDF, XBLR, and CSV)
  • All-in-one Interactive Dashboard (reports, charts, graphs, etc..)
  • Ad-hoc Reporting Capabilities

Our mobile ready application facilitates the entire loan cycle from origination to collection. In addition to this, it also offers NBFC’s to keep an eye on the collection agents and monitor their real-time locations through the in-built GPS tracker. CloudBankIN mobile app empowers field officers to carry out all lending services through their mobile device and the offline synchronization captures all data entered by the agents and irrespective of the mobile connectivity.

  • Offline Data Collection & Synchronisation
  • Track Field Officer
  • Improved Navigation
  • Capture Loan Repayments Easily
  • Create New  Clients, Groups, and Loan Applications etc..